measureIn their urgency to lose weight, people adopt many practices that offer only short term weight loss results. Weight loss cannot be abrupt as it proves to be unhealthy, with every chance of the lost gain coming back as a boomerang. You need to follow a scientific proven technique for safe, healthy and permanent weight loss.

By undertaking the following measures, you can attain permanent weight loss. 

1. Eat right

What we eat determines how we are. If you binge on unhealthy foods like fast foods and processed foods, you only pile up on pounds. Choose healthy foods that give you complete nutrition without contributing to empty calories. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. They provide you with essential vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and the much needed fiber. In order to enjoy a balanced diet, you can use the Nutrisystem $50 off discount offer which enables you for $50 deduction from the total amount. Ensure that you eat a balanced diet consisting of foods derived from all the food groups in the right proportion. 

2. Bring about calorie control

There is lot of information available on making healthy eating choices. Even though what you eat is healthy, you just cannot binge on them. Weight loss can be achieved only when you strike a balance between the calories ingested and calories expended. You should eat fewer calories that what you expend in order to be able to lose weight. Determine your calorie requirements and implement portion control to ensure that you eat measured calories.  

3. Exercise regularly

A sure shot way to lose weight permanently is by exercising regularly. Exercise has numerous health benefits in addition to boosting the metabolism and a high metabolism is the key to faster calorie burn. By working out on a daily basis, you metabolism is maintained at high levels, thus preventing the accumulation of calories. Exercise also helps to melt away the accumulated fat stores and help you with permanent weight loss. 

4. Maintain an active lifestyle

Many of us lead sedentary lifestyle. We are glued to the desks through the day. At the end of the day, we drive back home and hit the couch watching the television. Get out of such routine and become active. Walk to the station and take the public transport or cycle to work, if you can. Take the stairs for a few floors and take breaks at work to walk down the aisle. Follow a game over the weekends or play games with your kids. 

5. Stay motivated

Losing weight once and for all does take a good amount of time. So, do not lose heart if you are not seeing quick results. Do not lose your motivation and follow your fitness schedule with motivation. Stagnation happens with everyone. Just alter your diet and workout schedule to bring your body back to the weight losing mode. 

Permanent weight loss is not at all an impossible task, though it might be time consuming. Following the right diet plan combined with structured workouts and active lifestyle is the secret to getting rid of the excess pounds once for all.